Welcome to Women's Cooperative of
Agricultural Products "LAMPIDO"

Laconian land ...
A place that generously offers plenty of goods and excellent raw materials. Gardens full of fruits and fragrances. Its invaluable treasures "married" with respect to tradition, to offer a seductive, glamorous journey full of nostalgic memories. All the pure products and fragrances of this blessed land enclosed in vases and packs to travel you to the greek tradition.

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Traditional Products

With love and respect to tradition, we offer you exceptional quality traditional products such as spoon sweets, classic sweets, jams, pies, traditional liqueurs and much more, always using the pure ingredients of Laconian land. Read more about our products ...

Event Services

We have the ability to fully meet the needs of your events, such as weddings, christenings, inaugurations, etc, with regard to traditional sweets and liqueurs. We create the right quantities for you, always maintaining the quality of our products. Read more about our services ...

Connect with us

V. Theodosakou, Skala, Laconia 23051

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