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Our Story

The Lampido or Labito, according to the story was the daughter of the king of Sparta Leotychidas. It was an emancipated and active Lakonisa the 5th century BC, which wanted the women dynamic and active civic affairs and in no way limited to purely static housework.
Motivated by the vision of Lampido, we made our first steps in business. We established our partnership and we started to produce seasonal sweets and jams by our local citrus (orange - lemon), traditional wedding sweets and various local traditional Products, always with the pure materials produced in our region.
Our Association has given an opportunity to show the strength of our agricultural production which is the orange fruit.
Through the work we become even better and more productive for our country and passion and excess love goes on ...

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to provide our customers with excellent quality traditional products, always having our consumers satisfied over time, as well as helping to promote the local agricultural products of our country, both in Greece and abroad.

Our Goal

The aim of our cooperative is to gain a large share of the traditional products market, not only in Greece but also abroad. That is why we are focusing on acquiring the ability to produce large quantities of products, by renewing and enriching our means of production.

Our Region

The Evrotas Municipality is located in the southern part of the Prefecture of Laconia in the Peloponnese. It borders northwest with the Municipality of Sparta, southwest with the Municipality of East Mani and southeast with the Municipality of Monemvasia, while in the south it is surrounded by the Laconian Gulf. The area of ​​the Municipality of Evrotas is 654,3 km2, the length of its coastline is 17 km and its population reaches 17,755 inhabitants. The Municipality consists of many villages and its seat is Skala, which is 254 km from Athens and 41,5 km from Sparta.
The Municipality was named after the River Evrotas, which crosses the whole area and flows into the Laconian Gulf. The rich natural environment created by the river offers an excellent variety of flora and fauna.
The fertile plain combined with the Mediterranean climate of the region contribute to the rich production of agricultural products. Basic crops are olive and citrus fruits. In the area of ​​Skala and the surrounding areas, the main source of production of oranges Valencia in Greece, outdoor horticulture and greenhouse thrives, while in the mountainous sections of the Municipality the livestock farming and the cultivation of Kalamos olives flourish.
The history of the Municipality begins with finds of the Neolithic period, it passes through all the seasons and presents a particular acne during the Byzantine era, giving us remarkable visitor monuments, which have survived over the years. Some of them are Akraia, Gerakion Castle, Palaiomonastero, Cave of Eggs. During the year in the Municipality of Evrotas are held cultural events and sports activities that take advantage of the cultural content of the Municipality and emphasize the importance of its cultural and intellectual heritage.

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